Perimeter LED Display

Advertising boards normally placed in the sidelines of sports fields.

Perimeter LED boards are digital display systems that are strategically placed on the sidelines of sports fields (ie. Soccer field, football fields). These displays are capable of delivering high-definition ads continuously. Their placement on high-traffic spots allows for a greater reach for your intended ads.

Outdoor LED Video Display

LED Video Displays are versatile and can withstand outside elements while performing at peak condition.

Outdoor LED Video Displays are capable of running high-definition ads in any conceivable weather and temperature. It functions in any conceivable weather condition and can perform in peak condition for a long period of time.

LED Matrix Board Display

LED panels that can display relevant information in real-time.

The LED Matrix Board is adaptive and can be used for many uses such as time-keeping, up-to-date statistics from sports events, and advertisements. It does so through the use of its internal memory that runs the online-based preloaded messages. It comes with a lightweight case that allows easy transport and installation.

LED Scoreboard

LED boards that are optimized for score keeping for most sports activities.

LED Scoreboards are displays that are designed to broadcast scores, time, and other necessary information without delay making it a valuable fixture for all stadiums and sports complex.

LED Traffic Road Signs

Advertise now with our LED boards that can reach millions of motorists.

These LED display boards are not limited to advertising alone. They can be use for public announcements, driving tips among many others.

Full Color Outdoor LED Displays

Display your content now on our Full Color Video LED boards.

Outshine your competitors and advertise with our Full Color Video LED boards now. These boards can display content in a rich and vibrant manner that is sure to captivate your intended market.

Monochrome LED Display

Monochrome Electronic Outdoor LED Displays & LED Signs are Perfect for Describing Your Products & Services!

Outdoor Monochrome LED Signs are the bestsellers of the LED Sign industry. In most cases it is the MESSAGE you are trying to communicate that is important if you want to increase your sales. An Outdoor Monochrome LED Sign can do the job of advertising your business for less than half the cost of a Full Color RGB Video LED Sign.

LED Display Message Sign

LED Display Message Sign can do more for you!

A moving or scrolling LED display is more than an ordinary display sign. Conventional led display signs generally consist of a single word, name or very short message. LED display signs have been an effective tool for advertising, navigation, directions, instructions, notification and warnings for a long time. However, a moving or scrolling LED display offers the ability to combine movement, light, graphics and messages to get the attention of the intended target, and deliver a more complete message.

Flexible LED Display

Turn heads and command attention with our Flexible LED Display

The Flexible LED Display provides advertiser with a highly-versatile medium to showcase their ads. This display system can fit any venue and is a fit for any event.

Large Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Give your ad the full color content it deserves. Put them on our Large Outdoor Displays now.

With our Outdoor LED Displays, we can help you target a larger market through our vibrant displays, large-traffic reach and hardware- integrity.