Globaltronics has long been committed to offering GREEN SOLUTIONS for the lighting industry.

As one of the pioneer in the LED lighting products, we focus on enhancing the performance, luminous intensity and energy-efficiency of our lighting devices.

Our new generation green lighting products meets Globaltronics' advocacy on:

  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprints

Why we say GREEN?

LED lighting is the future of the lighting industry, a new generation of green light source for our sustainable development. Environmental protection, energy-saving and reduction of CO2 are some of our contribution to save our planet Earth.

We focus on improving the overall performance and sustainability of our LED products. We deliver high quality lighting devices in compliance with our continuous pursuit of sustainable development thru environment friendly technology. As one of the pioneer in LED lighting technology, we are working to be the leader in the commercialization of green lighting solutions.

That is why WE ARE GREEN.

Globaltronics offers 2 Varieties of Lighting Solutions which will suite your needs, these are:

  • EDL Lighting Solutions
  • LED Lighting Solutions

Product Features

  • Energy-saving, up to 80% power cost.
  • Environmental-friendly, no UV, infrared and other radiation, Zero pollution.
  • Eliminates secondary mercuric pollution when tube is broken.
  • Long-life span, more than 50,000 operating hours.
  • Minimum maintenance required, economize on manpower and maintenance cost.

Global Lighting Certifications

  • UL Certified (Uderwriters Laboratories, Inc.)
  • CE Mark (European Conformity)
  • Complies with British Standards Fire Safety (BS 476 part 6 and 7)
  • Complies with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)