Globaltronics at the helm of ABS-CBN

Date Posted: July 20, 2012

Resorts World, Pasay City - Globaltronics' image and notoriety is continuously growing and reaching new heights. This could be proven by its recent partnership with media giant ABS-CBN. Globaltronics was tapped by ABS-CBN to provide its services on LED screens on a recent trade event at Resorts World, Pasay City. The event was entitled "News Matrix" because it focused on creating an advanced but interconnected presentation of the network's programs. The event was held last February 22, 2011 and featured launching of ABS-CBN's top executives, personnel, guests, artists, advertiser's and some of the management and personnel of Globaltronics. There are two products from Globaltronics that were prominently used in the event which includes the 3GS kiosk and the LED billboard. The LED billboard was used to show the name if the event, the video shots of the people in the event, the live feed from ABS-CBN's TV patrol show and the presentation of the new shows of the network. During the whole program there were different segments. One of the segment was hosted by Kim Atienza. He used the LED billboard to present the results of the text survey being conducted by TV patrol. The 3GS kiosk was also used as an interactive way of showing the current and up coming shows of the network. It featured a showcase of programs with their different respective logo. The event was deemed a success thanks to ABS-CBN's popularity combined with Globaltronics use of advanced digital technology.