LED boards and Advertising:

  • What are your advertising rates?

    You can request for quotations by clicking (Contact page) and by emailing sales@globaltronics.net your request or call 721-2878 for more details.

  • Do you accept other material besides advertising?

    Our boards can also play a variety of other content besides advertising like marriage proposals, invitations and public announcements.

  • What if I have static ads that I want animated?

    We have our own skilled Creative team that can handle most of your creative requests. Our team can produce content types like PDF, XLS, and CSV among many others. For a more precise quotation, contact us by email: sales@globaltronics.net or call 721-2878.


  • What is a 3GS Smart Kiosk?

    The 3GS Smart Kiosk is a multi-touch interactive display system that provides information and entertainment. It boasts a high-definition multi-touch screen and software that allows it to deliver seamless content. The 3GS Smart Kiosk can be deployed almost anywhere to drive customer traffic directly to your intended destination.


  • Yes, they can be patterned to any particular content you want.

    We are the exclusive local distributor and partner of Philips.

  • What makes Philips products different?

    They are energy efficient. Electricity consumption of Philips products is known to be 50% less than the competition. This benefits not only your budget, but the environment, a win-win situation.

  • Who are your current clients?

    We are currently a supplier for SM Supermalls as well as with most local retail outlets.

Globaltronics LED Mobile Trucks:

  • What are LED Mobile Trucks?

    Mobile LED Trucks are like LED boards on wheels. It can access areas like secondary roads and side streets that are not easily reached by billboards.

  • What are the different uses of the LED Mobile Truck?

    You can use LED Mobile trucks for time-based event promotion, customized content, sponsored information displays, and for interactive displays and promotions.