GLOBALTRONICS is the country’s pioneer and leading provider of high quality Digital Display Solutions. For more than a decade, we have continuously exceeded client expectations by making First World digital solutions and services available locally. With that, we are able to help our clients become more adept in interacting and sharing their valuable content to their target audience

GLOBALTRONICS has provided end-to-end full service proprietary LED Display Systems to various reputable Philippine-based businesses like SM Mall of Asia, San Miguel Corporation and De La Salle University. Through the years and with over 200 landmark projects, we continue to create digital monuments One of which is the longest Curved-type LED Display in Southeast Asia that can only be found at the PSE Insular Life Building in Makati.

Key Features:

  • High-impact visuals
  • Superior-quality resolution
  • Clear moving pictures
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Tested durability
  • Low-cost promotion

Visually stunning LED boards for all your advertising and communication needs

E-Series (Energy Saving)

  • Lamps adopts unique packing technology, with high brightness and high protection characteristics
  • With wide viewing angles, playing vivid picture
  • Standardized design, versatility, fast and easy installation and maintenance
  • High level of protection and stability, which is suitable for a variety of outdoor harsh environment.


  • Integrated die-casting aluminum cabinet with built-in receiving card, slim and high rigidity.
  • Magnatic module design, could be taken out fast and easily.
  • Special location pins working with talon locks realize seamless joint and convenient installation.
  • Black face SMD makes the screen high contrast ratio(could be 5000:1), delicate and fine HD image, good consistency
  • It can be used as a fixed system or as a hanging system .

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  • Flexible shape: Cabinet can be rotated freely and 3 different sizes of cabinet can be matched together
  • High precision and rigidity guaranteed: concave-convex chamfer
  • Directly wall-mounted design and complete front access
  • Brightness up to 2700 Nits and refresh rate up to 3840Hz to meet with all indoor applications
  • Short lead time: Large quantity of modules in stock guarantee the short lead time.

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Fine Pitch LED Display New Small Pixel

  • Adopting magnet & quick lock system, the product can be easily accessed for installation and maintenance.
  • High gray scale & high refresh rate at even low brightness together with seam compensation makes it the ideal solution for application that requiring high profile.
  • Big & flat module design together with ultra black mask results very wide viewing angle and sharp image quality.
  • P1.266, P1.58, P1.9, P2.37, P2.71, P3.8, P5.6 seven different pitches sharing one 16:9 ratio cabinet size.

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LED Mesh Transparent & Less Wind LOAD

  • 35%-70% transparent rate varies with the pixel pitches, • effectively reduces wind-drag.
  • Ventilation ensures strong wind load capacity, fan-less.
  • This also means LED mesh is environmental protective product.
  • 0%-60% lighter than traditional one,thinnest part only 12mm reduce the structure load and installation cost.

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High Transparent Glass type LED Display

Best For

  • Building Glass Wall
  • Shopping Mall
  • Airport
  • Luxury Store
  • BankCar
  • Showrooms

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LED Truck


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