Visually stunning LED boards for all your advertising and communication needs

Key Features:

  • High-impact visuals
  • Superior-quality resolution
  • Clear moving pictures
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Tested durability
  • Low-cost promotion

E-Series (Energy Saving)

  • Lamps adopts unique packing technology, with high brightness and high protection characteristics
  • With wide viewing angles, playing vivid picture
  • Standardized design, versatility, fast and easy installation and maintenance
  • High level of protection and stability, which is suitable for a variety of outdoor harsh environments.


  • Integrated die-casting aluminum cabinet with built-in receiving card, slim and high rigidity.
  • Magnetic module design could be taken out fast and easily.
  • Special location pins working with talon locks realize seamless joint and convenient installation.
  • Black face SMD makes the screen high contrast ratio(could be 5000:1), delicate and fine HD image, good consistency
  • It can be used as a fixed system or as a hanging system .

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  • Flexible shape: Cabinet can be rotated freely and 3 different sizes of cabinet can be matched together
  • High precision and rigidity guaranteed: concave-convex chamfer
  • Directly to wall-mounted design and complete front access
  • Brightness up to 2700 Nits and refresh rate up to 3840Hz to meet with all indoor applications
  • Short lead time: Large quantity of modules in stock guarantee the short lead time.

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Fine Pitch LED Display New Small Pixel

  • Adopting magnet & quick lock system, the product can be easily accessed for installation and maintenance.
  • High gray scale & high refresh rate at even low brightness together with seam compensation makes it the ideal solution for application that requiring high profile.
  • Big & flat module design together with ultra black mask results very wide viewing angle and sharp image quality.
  • P1.266, P1.58, P1.9, P2.37, P2.71, P3.8, P5.6 seven different pitches sharing one 16:9 ratio cabinet size.

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LED Mesh Transparent & Less Wind LOAD

  • 35%-70% transparent rate varies with the pixel pitches, • effectively reduces wind-drag.
  • Ventilation ensures the strong wind load capacity, fan-less.
  • This also means LED mesh is environmental protective product.
  • 0%-60% lighter than traditional one, thinnest part only 12mm reduce the structural load and installation cost.

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High Transparent Glass type LED Display

Best For

  • Building Glass Wall
  • Shopping Mall
  • Airport
  • Luxury Store
  • BankCar
  • Showrooms

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LED Truck


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