Digital signages play an important role during this COVID-19 pandemic

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Globaltronics, one of the leaders in digital innovation, has turned to technology in its efforts to help combat COVID-19. With a wide range of digital signage solutions, we can serve the digital needs of our clients under the next normal.

Our interactive kiosks help businesses communicate with shoppers. With high-quality display, dynamic content, and accessible control widgets, they easily engage customers waiting at the store entrances or doing cashless transactions.

With our PHILIPS Professional Display Solutions, dissemination of public health information and safety precaution about the virus in business establishments, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, etc. have become safer and effortless.

Our new AI Face Recognition and Temperature Measuring Device makes entry or denial of entry of people truly safe, rapid, and accurate in public and private places. With its simple installation features, durable materials, and high recognition speed, it can easily detect a person’s temperature and identity from a safe distance. When it detects that the warmth of a person exceeds the threshold, a voice alarm mechanism is immediately activated to alert the risk of infection. It can recognize 300 faces, even those with masks, in a minute with the use of AI HD cameras. It also provides a voice reminder to those not wearing masks.

Globaltronics intends to stay ahead in the digital signages field. We will keep on innovating and introducing groundbreaking products in the years to come.

To know more about Globaltronics, visit www.globaltronics.net, follow our social media accounts, or call (02) 8721-2878.


Specification: https://www.globaltronics.net/ai-face-recognition-temperature-measuring-device/

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