Digital Display Revolution: What is in and what is not?

Static tarpaulin billboards are still visible everywhere. They are still popular and not showing signs of slowing down.

However, the use of digital LED billboards and other digital displays is growing at a rapid pace. Digital displays have become powerful engagement tools for many industries. Digital displays are here and will stay for many years to come.

Collectively, digital displays are a game-changer. Indoor or outdoor, in restaurants, in shopping malls, in airports, just everywhere, content management is much better with digital displays. Interactive digital displays provide great experience to users.

Digital Displays Are Everywhere

Digital displays have given business enterprises the flexibility in promoting their products and services.

For example, digital way-finders in shopping malls such as SM and Robinsons allow shoppers to find with a few clicks, the exact locations of the places they need to go to.

Incorporating brand equity through digital solutions continues to deliver great results. Two years ago, McDonald’s Philippines rolled out NXTGEN, a revamped platform and multi-point service system for customers. It includes self-order kiosks, split counters, and a cashless transaction system. It opened first in McKinley West, Taguig City. This fast-paced projection and gesture-based technology provides a fast yet seamless experience to customers.

Meanwhile, KFC and other fast food chains have been providing their customers with a delightful visual experience. Many branches are now using PHILIPS brand commercial TV units as their menu boards. These establishments have found that digital menu boards can better showcase their food offerings, entice customers to buy more, and can easily change content to show the latest promotions. What KFC really loved about PHILIPS brand commercial displays is the perfect color achieved at any angle and especially that the TVs were used for more than FIVE (5) years without any glitch or downtime, without discoloration, and without any bothersome lines. It made their investment in PHILIPS brand a very wise choice.

As our lives are becoming more fast-paced and with information coming to us from all directions, the more we rely on digital technology. So it is safe to conclude, that digital displays, no matter in what form, whether it is commercial TV or LED, are here to stay.

Globaltronics, the exclusive distributor of Philips TV for digital display in the Philippines, offers solutions which enable enterprises to continue reinforcing their brands. Aside from Philips TV, Globaltronics also provides other innovative digital displays such as LED billboards, outdoor or indoor.

If you need digital solutions that can strengthen your brand, just call Globaltronics, a leader in digital innovation in the country. For more details, call us at (02) 8721-2878 or like us at our Facebook Page: GlobaltronicsPH

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