Date Posted: May 3, 2017

Manila Philippines - The first ever Philips Digital Evolution and Integration forum happens last April 26 at the Tower Club Makati focusing on many ways and Advances in Visual Display Technology that benefit the wide range of different industries in the Philippines.

In a visual age where digital signage has become a key way to engage, inform and entertain in nearly every place that people congregate, from lobbies and schools, to grocery stores and cruise ships, to doctor’s waiting areas and corporate meeting rooms.

The reason for the fast growth is clear, that digital signage gives organizations the ability to send targeted messages to the specific place at the specific moment that people want the information.

“ Digital out of home technology can now put screens the size of a large cinema in places where static billboards used to be, and replace most of the signage on public transport or in your local shopping centre with moving, dynamic screens that look 1000x more compelling “, William Guido, President and CEO of Globaltronics.

True enough that the popularity of digital signage is rising in collaboration with technology improvements, which are resulting in displays that are more functional and flexible and provide crisper images just like what PHILIPS Digital Signage Solutions is offering right now. Asia Pacific Sales Director for Philips Commercial Displays announces the newest model that has 1.8mm bezel to bezel that creates more realistic images that heightens the impact in leveraging quality improvements.

Companies who attended the forum are very much excited with how Digital Display can help their business to grow such as Metrobank, PAGCOR, Meralco, PSE, Robinsons Land, San Miguel Pure Foods, JIL, BPI, Digital Optima VISA and more.

These improvements are coming as well as innovative ways in which PHILIPS are deploying to stand out from competitions, drive sales and satisfy customers.