PeopleCount for Businesses in the Next Normal

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As of this writing (early-September 2020), COVID-19 cases in the Philippines have reached 232,000.

The national government mandated strict safety and health protocols but not without adverse consequences to the economy. Thousands of establishments closed down and millions of Filipinos lost their jobs.

Records from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) show that the GDP growth rate of the Philippines dropped by 16.5 percent in the second quarter of 2020; the lowest recorded quarterly growth since 1981, bringing the country to a technical recession.

Lately, the government has calibrated the restrictions to balance health and economic concerns.

In response to the pandemic, several businesses started adapting measures to address the needs of their customers, which now have drastically changed. Many of them are turning to digital technology to adapt to drastic changes in consumer behavior.

Globaltronics, always at the forefront of digital technology innovation, collaborates with Philips and Bosch to introduce a digital people counting system to prevent overcrowding in malls, stores, supermarkets, schools, airports, or any other public area.

By combining the power of Philips Android displays and Bosch intelligent cameras, we bring you a timely and tested social distancing solution designed to equip businesses with information they need to manage crowds effectively and efficiently.

PeopleCount is a digital social distancing solution with a low cost of ownership. It delivers timely queue management information that will prevent overcrowding. With this solution, people will be more confident to go back to places that are usually crowded.

To know more about PeopleCount, join our free webinar “PeopleCount for Businesses in the Next Normal”. Please visit www.globaltronics.net, follow our social media accounts @GlobaltronicsPH, or call (02) 8721-2878.


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