KB Series (KB2 / KB3 / KB4 / KB5 / KB7)

KB series is the most robust high definition LED Display designed for the high demands for outdoor fixed installation market.

  • Super Light Weight
  • IP65 and excellent heat dissipation
  • 90 degree connection available
  • Front service available
  • Weight: 6kg each panel
  • Dimension: 500mm x 500mm x 32mm

RD Series

Increase the demands of your rental market with high-precision display where maximum protection is guaranteed – therefore cannot be damaged.

  • Indoor:1.9/2.5/2.8/3.9mm, Outdoor:3.9/4.8/5.9mm
  • Two different size of cabiner can be martched together
    500mmx500mm, only 8.6KG each panel
    500mmx1000mm, only 14KG each panel
  • Easy and Fast Installation
    Vertical lock for high precision & fast installation, and can be automatically locked when two cabints combine, one person can finish installation
  • Unique Protection for corners
    Maximun protection for module edges
  • Botttom gap design
    Bottom modules are above the floor and therefore cannot be damaged
  • Easy Maintenance
    Modulear design, easy pin connection, independent power box
  • Curved lock system
    Unique curve connection design, support concave and convex connection: -5°, -2.5°, 0°, +2.5°, 5°.

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